Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thanks, Dad

I want to thank my dad - the man who has raised me and loved me throughout my life - for his understanding and support. Without it, I would not feel free to search for my biological father and other paternal relatives. As my dad already knows, nobody could ever take his place. Likewise, it simply is not possible for another man to become a second dad to me. I am grateful that he realizes that I am in no way trying to reject or replace him, but instead I just hope to find answers to my questions. So, thanks, dad! Raising me as his own and giving me the freedom to find my relatives without guilt are both bigger gifts than he probably realizes.


whosedaughter said...

Yes, indeed. This post is such an important one! I also thank my dad and my step dad for loving me and my/their grandchildren unconditionally -- regardless of biology. I also thank my father, the man whose DNA/body/genealogy/ancestry I came from. I wish we could have had that same unconditional love and acceptance. None of these men could replace the love, importance, meaning, significance or role that they played in our lives. There is room in our hearts for many people in many difference ways and capacities. I think, at least for me, that is what this is really all about -- opening our heart and door and making family less exclusive and more inclusive.

DI_Dad said...

I am not presupposing I can reply for both your social dads but as a dad who like them who made the decision to use DI I just wanted to say thank you for those words. Regards, Eric

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