Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Donor X Project - Great Resource for Donor-Conceived People

Kirk Maxey, creator of the Donor X Project, recently identified the X chromosome that I inherited from my sperm donor. Females inherit an X chromosome from their maternal side that reshuffles generation to generation. In other words, my X chromosome is different than my mother's. In contrast, the X chromosome inherited from the father remains the same. Therefore, Kirk deduced 5 of the 6 values on my paternal X chromosome. Apparently my donor's X-STR signature is 43, 12, 17, 20 or 21, and 10. In addition, my first value, 43, is so uncommon that there is only one other individual in the entire CaBRI database with this value. As more people voluntarily submit their DNA to Kirk's database, perhaps I will eventually be able to find a match through my paternal X chromosome.

To learn more about Kirk's project, go to: http://www.cabrimed.org/donorconceivedservices.jsp;jsessionid=5B75C1F222A88793032857F4C08DE878

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Lindsay said...

Oh I'm so glad you finally got your results!! I really need to do mine....I got the kits, but then with moving this summer everything got crazy and I kinda forgot!!