Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Picture" of Anonymous Sperm Donor Father

Last year, my friend turned a photograph of her as an infant sitting in her mother's lap into an art project to work through painful emotions from her traumatic upbringing. I realized that I, too, have strong emotions about my situation, although different than my friend's, and that I, too, would like to try a similar project. But how would this be possible without anything tangible of my anonymous sperm donor father?

I decided to create his picture in the form of a flesh colored, animated sperm. I drew a cartoon face, given that I know none of its true details. I added brown hair, to match mine, and dark blue eyes, my unique physical trait that has never appeared in my maternal family. Although my drawing turned out far from attractive, it is the first and only picture that I possess of my biological father. On the back of my drawing, I wrote all of the questions that I want to ask him one day if and when our paths cross.

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